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Is GamyZon Really Best Free Gems Solution You’ve Been Looking For?

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Method 1 Obstacles ImageGreetings, all you Clash of Clans leaders, elders, members, gemmers and hoppers, in short, all you clashers out there! We are and we have great news for you. Our passionate team has discovered some cool tricks which are gonna teach you how to generate gems, gold and elixir so that your clan can soon become legendary! That’s right! You got it: Clash of Clans gems! Don’t miss this opportunity. We’re here to help.

Perhaps you’re curious how this works… Well, it’s like that: a friend of us told us that in Clash of Clans you receive gems from removing obstacles (like trees, mushrooms, rocks and so on). This is well know to new clashers. However, if you let these things build up over time, the more obstacles there are, the faster new ones grow. If you let your base get completely filled with obstacles than through removing them, you will receive more gems.

coc gems imageNow, the interesting part: based on the information above, our team has discovered some “hidden doors” which, if used wisely, can help any clasher to receive free COC gems only from removing obstacles. We have developed a script especially for that and you can test it whenever you’re ready. We’ve put a lot of time and work on developing it, but one thing is certain: it works! We’ve tested it, our friends tested it, and we concluded: this is something very useful for COC community.

Now, since is ready to use, we’re proud to invite you to test our new script. There are no limitations whatsoever. You can generate Clash of Clans gems for free and your clan can become an empire faster than you ever imagined. This is not a scam, like we’ve seen on other websites. You know for sure those bombastic ads, claiming that they are Clash of Clans gems generators or you can get Clash of Clans gems for free. The truth is that even then you are asked to pay for your gems, gold or elixir and you still don’t have the certainty that you are going to receive what you’ve paid for.


coc sus imageThat’s why clashers needed us! First of all, we are also gamers and big fans of COC. Second: we know what we are doing and a promise is a a promise. If we’re saying that you will receive free gems, well, that’s what you’re gonna receive, no doubts! Third: we are not hackers! This script is not a hack! This is just a very simple solution for you and everybody else to play Clash of Clans at full capacity. Anyone can do it. That is, of course, if anyone will chose to spend countless hours in front of their PC, trying to figure out the things! Been there!

So, how the things work? It’s so easy, it only takes one minute for you to receive free COC gems. We’re gonna show you using pictures. First of all, you must enter your Clash of Clans username. Then you have to select the platform you’re using, iOS or Android. Then, it’s up to you if you want to have encryption on or off. We suggest you to turn it on. We have discovered that clashers that have been using encryption have had highest success rates than those who didn’t encrypt the process. After you filled these information, you must click on “Connect”. This will connect our app to your COC account, where we will do our magic.

coc jos imageOnce our script is connected to your Clash of Clans account, you can start generate gems, gold and elixir with the “Clash of Clans Generator”. You can receive up to 99,999 gems, up to 9,999,999 elixir and up to 9,999,999 gold, but not from the very beginning. After following a daily schedule of generating gems and elixir for about one week, everyday, only then you will be able to generate maximum number of resources for Clash of Clans. If you wonder why this happens, it’s because your account needs to have a certain pattern in order for COC to recognize it and to deliver free gems, and that’s the ingenuity of our script.

If, by any chance, you still encounter difficulties with our method, you can watch our YouTube tutorial, and things will clarify for sure. After getting used with our script, one thing is certain: your clan will rise and rise and rise! There is no limit whatsoever! If you have doubts, we recommend you to take a look at what some satisfied clashers wrote about our script.

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How To Generate
Free Clash of Clans Gems?

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See why our handsome players prefer us as their Free Gems provider.

So, me and my brother started to play Clash of Clans one year ago. He is the leader of our clan and I am the co-leader. Since we’ve started to play COC, we’ve found lots of websites claiming that they will deliver gems, gold or elixir, but it seems that you are the only website we can trust. Thanks!

Maria, Co-Leader

I didn’t intend to write you, because I didn’t want my leader to know where I’m bringing COC gems and elixir from, but I couldn’t resist! I’ve told him about you and now, every day, we are receiving free gems, free gold and free elixir from you. Very, very nice work! Keep up the good work.

Gabriel, Co-Leader

Guys, you are awesome! Thanks to your app, my clan has become very popular among clashers. I still have a problem with hoppers though, but I don’t think you can help me with that. Or can you? :)) I wouldn’t be surprised if you find a solution for that, too! Anyways, just wanted to tell you that you rock!

Nicolas, Co-Leader

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